Facts About Sweden and How to Charter a Yacht While There

This is the largest country in the Scandinavian Peninsula and, as a consequence, the possessor of the highest number of miles of coastline, which is a blessing for the lovers of sailing and yachts in general. In fact, as a testament to the country’s nautical heritage and devotion, Sweden has the largest number of registered yachts per capita and for many locals and tourists alike, sailing is the national pastime in Sweden.

There are other things that make a yacht charter holiday in Sweden a wonderful experience. For example, the geography of the country and especially its shores which are full of deep fjords but also numerous outlying islands and islets all carved by thousands of years of glacial erosion is more than auspicious for shoreline sailing.

Also lovely and enticing for a yacht charter sailing trip is the fact that along these shores you can see many authentic fishing villages, quiet and picturesque, many of which looking like places where time stood still a long time ago, making them that more interesting for those who visit.

The fact that Sweden was once a great naval and military power has left its toll on the country but today you’ll be surprised to find out that this is one of the most peaceful nations in Europe, who does not belong to ant current military alliance. People here enjoy their life and seem very tolerant and open-minded, making many tourists feel right at home here.

If you’re thinking of chartering a yacht in Sweden, here are some of the most popular sailing regions in the country: first off, there’s the famous Stockholm archipelago, one of the biggest and most spectacular archipelagoes in the world, with a beauty seldom matched due to impressive number of islands and islets spread along the Swedish coast which has led many to call this place “the rocky garden”. Then you might want to sail to the Bohuslan region which is equally beautiful, yet more remote. An alternative to these classic locations might be cities like Mastrand, Nykoping and Goteborg where you might find all the yacht charter offers you need.

When you actually decide to charter a yacht svenska nyheter holiday in Sweden there are some official steps you have to go through. As a rule, Swedish law is generally lax but in later years, with increasing numbers of boats on the water and alarming accident rates, the local officials began enforcing tougher rules and regulations.

While the local skipper licenses are not easily given, you’ll find that the Swedes recognize most of the international yachting qualifications so if you’re a foreign tourist and you already have a skipper license (which is generally the case), chartering a yacht as the skipper shouldn’t be too difficult. What you do have to take into consideration is the fact that your yacht certification has to match the type of yacht you’re trying to charter.

As far as immigration goes, for Europeans and western tourists in general it’s very easy to get into Sweden and stay for up to 3 months with just a valid passport. For citizens coming from different countries should check with their local consulate before making a trip.

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