Natural Good Health – Only Comes When You Take Responsibility For Yourself

Natural good health really only starts when you begin to take responsibility for your own life, and so health. Too often, people pass this responsibility over to others. However, there is no one on this earth, who has a greater interest in your health, than you do.

Health care providers are only people. Some are good, Some are not so good. They need to make a living. They have their own worries and responsibilities, too. Sure, they know a bit more about how the body works, than you do, and they know a bit more about their chosen modality than you do.

But they don’t know you. You are the only person who has a PhD in you. Only you are with you all the time. Only you know how you react in certain circumstances. Only you know how your past traumas affected you.

By taking responsibility for your life, you are reaching out towards natural good health. By blaming others for all your misfortunes, you are well on the way to ill health.

Taking responsibility for your own life is not going to be achieved overnight, if you have been in the habit of blaming others. Changing mind sets, changing well grooved thought patterns requires determination and effort.

By recognising that this is the most healthy way forward, you have made the biggest change. The rest is almost easy. All you have to do is to remind yourself daily. As soon as the old thoughts start to intrude, change them.

For example, if your thoughts tend towards “It’s all my missmyra parents fault that I’m unhealthy now. They should have fed me better.”. You can change them to “My parents did the best they thought. They may have been misguided. Now I have the potential to change all that.”

Being aware of the past means you can change its consequences. Don’t stay stuck there. Use it to move on.

The same goes when you are choosing your preferred health professional, whatever the modality. You should have a good working relationship with them. You should be able to talk freely and openly to them. They should never ridicule your choices or make you feel small.

If they do, they are not right for you. Abandon them, move on. Find someone you can work with. Don’t stay with someone because your partner/mother/brother likes them. Don’t stay with someone because they are the best in town.

Stay with someone because they best serve your needs. This may change in time. By being aware of your needs and by taking responsibility, by focussing on what is good for you (not for everyone else) and following that, then you are progressing towards natural good health.

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